Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green is a park in the east end of the city of Glasgow.  It’s found on the north bank of the River Clyde.  Established in the 15th century, it is the oldest park in the city


The Doulton Fountain is found just in front of the People’s Palace which houses the city’s social history collection.  At the opening ceremony of the People’s Palace Lord Rosebery stated: “A palace of pleasure and imagination around which the people may place their affections and which may give them a home on which their memory may rest”. He declared the building “Open to the people for ever and ever”.  The highly decorative five-tier fountain in French Renaissance style was designed to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.  It is truly a beautiful piece of work and the largest terracotta fountain in the world.






Below the crowning figure of the Queen by John Broad are four kneeling maidens emptying pitchers, and beneath them are sentries representing Scottish, English and Irish regiments, along with a sailor representing the Royal Navy. Below these are four allegorical groups representing Canada , South Africa , Australia and India.






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