Edmonton, AB – Ice Castle


During the cold winter months there are an abundance of things to do in the city of Edmonton, which is fast developing an outstanding reputation as a Winter City.  At the beginning of January we ventured down to William Hawrelak Park to take a peak at the newest winter attraction.  A large scale Ice Castle. icecastles.com/edmonton

Booking ticket’s in advance is a must in order to be sure that you will gain entry and this gives you about an hour of wandering through the ice castle.  Thinking that a night perspective would give us a fantastic view of the castle as well as the lights we booked for 6:00pm.  I would personally suggest a dusk or twilight viewing so that there is enough light to be able to view the ice but with the light fading being able to see the colorful lights reflecting.  In our case, I think I was able to view more details of the castle after. through my photographs than on location due to the dark.


Definitely make sure that you dress accordingly.  It is remarkably cooler when your walking around inside the ice castle.  There was a small fire going inside but it is too small to produce any real heat to warm up.  And if you’re bringing the kids along make sure that they wear snowpants so they can take a turn on the ice slide inside.

It was a unique adventure, and although cold, I am glad that we took the time to check it out.  Can’t wait until our next adventure in our Winter City.



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