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52 Week Portrait Challenge – Week 2

For the portrait challenge that I’m participating in, now in week 2, I thought that I would try using natural light.

I had my subject stand so that the light coming in from the window was at approximately a 45 degree  angle.  I used a white reflector to reduce shadows on the opposite side of her face.  The white seemed to provide the best bounced light, I had tried the gold but it brought too much yellow into her face.   I tried playing with the distance she was from the light source and the angles of the reflector.  Here were the results.


A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle- portraits-1-10-04-14


A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle- portraits-2-10-04-14-2


Country Melt

Red Garden


Over the weekend I decided to visit a local park in the hopes of seeing some sign of spring.  Alas, although the snow is mostly melted there are still too few hints of green out there.  Oh well, in a week or two I’m sure it will be sprouting everywhere.  So instead, I focused on some color in the trees with last years berries.


A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle-berry tree-05-04-14-2

Beaver in the River

I was practicing some shots down by the river last evening and to my surprise I seen this little guy swimming beside the shore.


A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle-beaver in the river-05-04-14

52 Week Portrait Challenge

It seems that I have agreed to participate in a 52 Week Portrait Challenge.


I thought that this might be a good opportunity to utilize some of what I have learned about photography,  and in specific portraits, challenge myself and a chance to get creative.  My goal is to try using a different technique or a different piece of equipment each week.  I’m actually kind of excited, maybe I will finally get around to playing with the 5 in1 reflector I bought over a year ago!  :D


Week 1 – External Flash Mounted

I thought I would start off easy for week 1, although I have already made a list of all the things that I want to try over the 52 weeks.


  • Using the external flash mounted to the camera helped boost the existing lighting in the space which helped keep my photos from coming out too dark.


  • Having the flash mounted made it more difficult to play with the light and shadow effect for great dimension in my models faces and features.  Next time I would try using the external flash as a slave to see what types of effects I can create.

This one was my favorite photo and a collage of my models creativity follows:

A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle-portraits-2-blk&whrt-logo



A Touch of the Divine~photography by Michelle-Week 1-External Mounted Flash


PhotoChallenge – Green

With Spring just around the corner, I was a little worried with the Green Photo Challenge there might not be enough “green” outside to inspire us.  I was wrong.  :)


My daughter’s submission:

Madeline's PhotoCollage


And my submission:

Michelle Photocollage-1-GreenMichelle Photocollage-2-Green


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